Sunday, March 9, 2014

London: British Museum

I managed to get to the British Museum a little after noon. The website said I'd have until 5:30 PM before it closed. In actuality they start herding people out at 5:10 PM.

I got to see the Rosetta Stone, mummies, massive statues from ancient Egypt, tiny Viking figurines, coins, jewellery, weapons, tools, and even part of a temple that had been disassembled and rebuilt in one of the rooms. 

Even with five hours I still didn't have time to see everything. While I was able to see everything on the lower and ground floors, I only saw half of the upper floor. I would recommend getting to the museum when it opens, leaving for lunch (the cafe prices are outrageous), and returning after lunch. There's no way to see everything and actually read any of the information about any of it in less than a full day. 

I didn't take any pictures while in the British Museum because the lights were very dim and my photos wouldn't have turned out well at all. So here's a picture of the cats I was watching during my stay in London. 


  1. The black cat looks a lot like Loki

  2. That sounds amazing, now I jealous. I wanna go to the British Museum...