Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Victoria and Albert Museum: Part Two

So here are the few of the amazing things I saw when I visited the Victoria and Albert museum in London. Many of the best items were unable to be photographed, so you should definitely make a point to visit in person.

Need some boxes to stash your fine collectables?

I recommend this one. No one is getting inside without permission.

DaVinci's Notebook

Awesome bed. This bed is what is missing in your life.

Everyone needs a giant sorta creepy Jesus screen, right?

This lock is more advanced than most of them I've seen while traveling around the UK. It even tells you how many times it has been opened.

Purple couch, always fashionable.

This is a tile stove for heating your home. Why don't we still have things like this?!

Best. Hat. Ever. Those rings? They're chakrams, aka sharp throwing rings

**I should be arriving back in the UK from Jordan this evening. I'll post about that trip later in the week.**

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