Tuesday, March 11, 2014

English Movie Theaters

My friend and I went to see the Lego movie at the movie theater here in Cambridge. It was a weird experience.

First of all, you buy your ticket and your snacks from one person. I haven't decided if this makes more or less sense than having separate lines. 

Secondly, you get assigned seats! Your ticket has your seat number on it. You tell the cashier if you want front, middle, or back of the theater, and then it's just luck if you have to sit next to someone or not. My friend tells me that you're not expected to always sit in your assigned seat unless the theater is rather full, like it was when we went. 

Thirdly, the popcorn. Popcorn in England is either salty or sweet, but not buttery. I don't understand how anyone can eat unbuttered salty popcorn. How does the salt even adhere to the popcorn kernels without the butter?

Fourth, the advertisements. In the states if you arrive well ahead of the movie start time you watch the same 10 commercials on a loop until the lights dim and movie trailers begin. In England the advertisements start when the lights dim and you sit through like 10-15 minutes of them before the trailers. 

Some things were the same, like the snack prices being insanely high, kids being annoying, and the temperature in the theater either being way too hot or cold.

**I'll be flying to Jordan on the 13th so I might be a bit difficult to get ahold of. I have several blog posts scheduled to go live Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays while I'm gone though.**

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