Thursday, February 6, 2014

London: Double Check Opening Times

Yesterday I endeavoured to see multiple tourist attractions in London. While I saw them from the outside, I didn't manage to see into any of them because I misread the summer vs winter open times.

Here was the majority of my route. (I forgot to turn on tracking for the first bit where I walked past the MI6 building.)

This is what the other side of the street from MI6 looks like. It's gorgeous! I didn't think the serious-looking men would like me taking photos of the MI6 building. 

A little bit North of MI6 and you can see Big Ben and the London Eye in the distance. 

The London Eye. I previously thought I might skip this, but now having seen it up close I really want to go up for a view of London. 

View of Tower Bridge from London Bridge. The sun set about half an hour before I got there. 

St Paul's Cathedral. I had no idea what it was when I took the photo, but it was so beautiful I was drawn to it. 

Funny restaurant sign: Hummus Bros Give Peas A Chance

Victoria Memorial, it's absolutely massive. Other tourists shown for scale. 

Buckingham Palace and Victoria Memorial. Nearly tourist-free at night. If you want to see the changing of the guard double check the website. They only do it every other day during the winter. 

I had meant to tour the British Museum, but read the opening times incorrectly and arrived just at closing. Ah well, it was a lovely 10-ish mile walk around London on a lovely evening. 

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  1. Great pictures, looks so pretty, just breath taking. What a great opportunity for you to get to do this. What memories you are making . Love you