Saturday, October 19, 2013


Here's what happens when you don't book a hostel before arriving in Glasgow on a drizzly Friday evening:

That's the full tour of my 6 bed female dorm at The St Enoch Hotel (£14). I'll spare you the horror that was the bathroom in this place. The toilet only flushed every 10th time you tried it. My dorm mates apparently couldn't shower without getting water everywhere. I mean literally everywhere. The floor, the top and back of the toilet, the shelf of the sink had an inch of standing water.
The good: a bagged breakfast of apple juice, milk, and cornflakes. The beds were reasonably comfortable, and the sheets and towels (small bar of soap and packet of shampoo also included) appeared clean. 

I decided to get the hell out of there and pay a ridiculous amount for a room to myself at Alison Guesthouse (£50). I have my own fireplace. I'm currently drying my things by it as I got lost on my way here and got DRENCHED, but by the magic of wool, not cold. 

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  1. The room at Alison's Guesthouse looks so cozy. It seems that those 50 pounds went a long way here.