Friday, December 6, 2013

British Sweets are Awesome, or Why I'm Now Diabetic

My friend in Dundee decided to totally ruin American sweets for me entirely. The ruination actually started with the Thorntons chocolates I wrote about in my previous post. He wasn't content to stop there. Over the course of about a week I had so many delicious sweets. Not all of them are shown here, they were devoured without thought of photos.

Behold the sweet yummy treasure:

First up we have the Double Decker:
Nougat, krispies, and chocolate. Yum! It's like a Krackel bar with fluffy nougat.

Honeycomb inside, chocolate outside. Good enough reason to never leave the UK.

Pretty much identical to a Mounds bar, but without high fructose corn syrup.

 Kinder Bueno:
Hazelnut in a bar with amazing chocolate. NOM NOM NOM
If I win the lottery I'm getting my winnings in Kinder Buenos.

Little cubes of way-better-than-American chocolate.

Tastes like magic and coconut.

Chocolate, peanuts, and raisins. Meh. Still loads better than most US candy bars.

Licorice stick and a powdered sugar that's like one part Pixy Stix, one part Fun Dip, and a hint of Pop Rocks. Sounds good, but I actually prefer any of those to a sherbet fountain.

Not pictured:
Aero bars: *****
Excellent chocolate bars. I highly recommend the mint.

After Eights: *****
Pretty much identical to Andes Mints.

Poppets: *****
Little bits of chocolatey delicious heaven.

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